Other Services Offered

Functional Movement Testing

One-on-one testing sessions to assess the person’s strengths and weaknesses, determine muscular and mobility asymmetries,  detect improper movement patterns,  assess for potential injury risk, and to compare to normative data. Various assessments are utilized, such as the Functional Movement Screen, Y-Balance Test, manual muscle testing, mobility assessments, Closed Kinetic Chain Upper Extremity Test, and vertical jump testing. Other systems may be utilized based on the type of athlete.

Injury Prevention Workshops

These instructional clinics are typically held in a team-based setting with coaches and parents included, and are intended to educate on various aspects of injury prevention. Topics can be altered based on the audience, but could include instruction on proper stretching, movement mechanics, warm up/cool down techniques, and education on common injury mechanisms based on sport, gender, and age group. Sessions can also be focused on prevention of ACL tears in youth athletes, special considerations for upper and lower extremity athletes, and concussion.





Dry Needling

Dry needling is a service which utilizes very small gauge monofilament needles for the relief of many types of pain, nerve sensitization, and soft-tissue restriction. Dry needling is completed in a sterile manner, and differs from acupuncture in that needle placement is based on neuroanatomy and modern Western medicine. The needle is used to create a small lesion in the tissue which stimulates the body to heal itself through both physical and biochemical methods. Dry needling is well-supported by research and most patients report it is very beneficial with little (or no) discomfort. Training was received through Integrative Dry Needling Institute. More information is available upon request.

Please contact the clinic for pricing and scheduling for all these services.