Kind Words

“Dawson PT not only met but exceeded my expectations after my neck surgery.” – Sara 4-16-21

“I was very happy with my progression and the staff was very helpful. – Kelly 4-16-21

“Cassie and Chase do an excellent, professional job with clients! They helped me greatly!” – Kathleen 4-15-21

“The therapy was great. I can do everything with my shoulder.” – Anonymous 4-13-21

“Excellent staff, caring and compassionate. Highly professional! Thank you.” – Sandy 4-7-21

“Thank you so much for helping me get back to a normal walk/stand and movement. You are wonderful.” – Irene 3-1-21

“The staff is great and knowledgeable. Whenever I or my wife needs PT we will return.” – Stan 2-28-21

“Always enjoy therapy with you Cassie!” – Pam 2-25-21

“Good experience. Thank you so much for your help.” – Nancy 2-24-21

“You allowed me to return to my normal lifestyle and being able to work and live without back pain from the injury.” – Casey 2-11-21

“Your staff are very kind, thoughtful, and knowledgeable!” – Dorisanna 2-10-21

“Had a very good experience and problem was solved.” – Anonymous 2-9-21

“So helpful and nice. Really enjoyed doing my PT at Dawson’s.” – Hanna 2-8-21

“Everyone was so nice and very encouraging throughout my therapy!” – Darlene 2-7-21

“I really enjoyed working with everyone and felt my time in the office along with home exercises helped me tremendously.” – Brian 2-3-21

“You do a great job!” – Ray 2-1-21

“They were professional, courteous, and concerned about my rehab.” – Greg 2-1-21

I couldn’t ask for better care. Staff was knowledgeable of the care I needed. I would recommend anyone needing therapy to come to Dawson.” – Roxanne 2-1-21

“You were very good with my treatments. I will tell anybody that asks about you.” – Larry 2-1-21

“Staff is very friendly and helpful. Very professional and down to Earth atmosphere. Would recommend Dawson’s to anyone. Best Physical Therapy that I have been to.” – Allison 1-10-21

“Thank you to you and your staff, you guys were great to work with.” – Bryan 1-10-21

“Thank you for being very professional and walking me through the whole healthcare process. I’ll be back if I ever need anymore help.” – Joseph 1-9-21

“I am really thankful for the treatment I got from you all! I think my range of motion is even better than it was before I even started having shoulder issues! – Kathie 12-19-20

“Your practice is absolutely fabulous!” – Julie 12-9-20

“Friendly Knowledgeable Staff.” -Anonymous 12-9-20

“You all did a great job and I hope to return for more therapy in the future. Thank you!” – Anonymous 12-8-20

“Although it was not exactly what I wanted to be doing, you each made it simply bearable. LOL. No, pain was my only problem, but that was better each and every trip.” – Chyrill 12-8-20

“Very pleased with outcome!” – Paula 12-7-20

“Chase and Cassie were so beneficial in my recovery – in addition to excellent PT services, they also helped me deal with the emotional aspects of my injury. They got me to feel whole again! I’m forever grateful. – Pam 12-8-20

“Everyone was very caring and concerned. I appreciated everyone’s willingness to go the extra mile to help me get better. Thanks so much.” – Dianna 12-6-20

“Love this practice and love the staff. Great therapy.” – Donald 11-15-20

“Love this place. Good people. Good therapy.” – Christy 11-15-20

“The information and guidance I was provided helped my injury tremendously. You are AWESOME!” – Nicholas 11-04-20

“You all are great to work with.” – John 11-03-20

“Staff is great!” – Anonymous 11-03-20

“All the PT’s were so good, really appreciated you all.” – Carol 10-29-20

“I like the one on one attention throughout my therapy sessions. I like the smaller PT room and don’t feel self-conscious during sessions like I did in large open areas with multiple people at the same time. The therapy is also specialized to meet my goals. I have utmost respect and confidence in the skills as a PT. I will only go too her for any PT needs. She has a natural gift in healing through her PT techniques.” – Gwen 10-17-20

“I appreciated how thorough, adaptable, and professional you were in every session. Excellent in expertise and delivery.” – Sarah 10-7-20

“The staff was very personable and professional. The physical therapy I received left me feeling energetic and happy. Chase and Cassie’s personalities are truly awesome!” – Jane 10-4-20

“Great place and Staff.” – George 9-28-20

“Cassie and Chase were great to work with! Very professional and caring. Thanks for all you did.” – Sandra 9-17-20

“I had a great experience here. We always got straight to the problem and I did things there that helped me a lot. Everyone was very nice and helpful there.” – Anonymous 9/9/20

“Great experience. I appreciated that you asked questions and adjusted the plan accordingly.” – Kevin 9/9/20

“Dawson’s went above requirements to ensure everything was covered.” – Jessica 8/10/20

“This was my first time doing any type of physical therapy. You and Chase are the best, but I already knew that!” – Nancy 8/05/20

“Exceeded my expectations! Cassie is very knowledgeable and knew exactly what to do. She helped me so much! I can’t wait to start running again.” – Leigh 8/01/20

“I initially went to Dawson Physical Therapy because it was convenient for my work schedule. They accommodated me and saw me at lunch. I will never go anywhere else, the treatment and personal attention is the best I’ve received anywhere! Awesome staff-awesome treatment!” – Diana 7/16/20

“I’m feeling much better. I still have some pain in my lower back, but that’s from my arthritis. Thank you so very much for your help.” – Clair 7/7/20

“Was very personable and professional and IT WORKED!!!” – Charles 7/3/20

“Very professional. Would recommend to anyone requiring PT services.” – Curtis 7/2/20

“PT services not attached to a MD or group was amazing. Only if all healthcare was this way. Dawson’s stayed focused on helping me reach my goals while exploring what might be the root cause. I am able to ride the distances I want without being in pain the next day. Keep to the program they set out and recovery will happen. This is not your cookie-cutter PT, Dawson’s will help you reach your goals.” – Steve 6/8/20

“Very polite and friendly people with concern for your problems.” – Anthony 4/16/20

“Thank you for giving me back what I love. Now I know that anything is possible with discipline, patience, and a few needles (though I’m cool with just the first two.)” – Cayce 4/15/20

“Cassie and Chase were wonderful to work with. They truly listened to me and helped me come up with creative ideas to help me minimize any future problems.” – Emily 4/14/20

“Cassie is awesome! I felt like she understood exactly what my issue was, and quickly developed an effective exercise regimen to strengthen my shoulder. Her is experience is undeniably helpful.” – Hailey 4/13/20

“I think Cassie and Chase was very nice and caring.” – Mary 4/13/20

“I would say I was treated very well and professionally by some nice people. Thank you!” – Mike 4/11/20

“As an 82 year old, you gave me excellent guidance for maintaining good aerobic stamina, range of motion, balance issues – exactly what I needed!” – Anonymous 4/11/20

“Awesome experience that tremendously helped my shoulder pain and mobility issues. Would highly recommend to anyone. Excellent sports therapy services.” – Amanda 3/27/20

“I thought you were very thorough in the examination process. Asked lots of questions.” – Annette 3/12/20

“Excellent care! Everything clearly explained. Problem resolved. Total success!” – Betsy 02/26/20

“Staff was very positive, helpful, and professional.” – Vicki 02/05/20

“Best physical therapy team around. The one on one approach made me feel like you cared about my outcome, where other places tell you what to do and then disappear.” – Michael 01/15/20

“The office is perfect to get top quality care with individual attention and friendly conversation.” – Phyllis 11/28/19

“Thank you for checking on me and my progress as often as you have. It made me feel like you hadn’t forgot about me.” – Yvette 11/18/19

“Cassie is amazing! Highly recommend her to anyone!” – Kayla 7/29/19

“Cassie is always willing to talk about your treatment and make adjustments that will benefit your success.” – Brenda 11/11/19

“Cassie, you know (I hope) how I feel about your services. A1. Great person and therapist!” – George 10/08/19

“Therapy and physical exercises have helped with balance problems!” – Jere 10/04/19

“Great service and the results were awesome.” – Kennita 9/30/19

“Very nice and easy to talk to.” – Anonymous 9/19/19

“Cassie is the best! We love her!” – Tanya 9/16/19

“It is so nice having someone with Cassie’s qualifications right here in Benton, so I don’t have to travel to Paducah or Murray.” – Gene 9/7/19

“I had no problems with my physical therapy.  Your Facility is very attractive and clean.  You are very organized and professional with the therapy sessions. Thank you for helping me.” – Betty 9/5/19

“Cassie actually cares about patient care.” – Keith 9/5/19

“The information and therapy I received was very good. My particular health situation needs more constant action at home rather than 2x a week. Cassie is excellent at her job and offers so much encouragement during PT sessions.” – Wanda 8/9/19

“Everything was great!” – Melanie 8/5/19

“I loved the experience! Obviously physical therapy isn’t something someone wants to do, but I really enjoyed the friendliness and conversations had. VERY professional!!” – Jason 7/29/19

“Great place, great lady, very pleased. Thanks.” – George 7/8/19

“I received a very thorough exam at my first consultation. The therapist continually made adjustments to my therapy to help me get relief from my back pain.” – Rita 7/8/19

“I felt very comfortable at Dawson Physical Therapy. They went through all my expenses and explained everything well. Yes I would go back if necessary and I recommend them highly.” – Shirley 7/8/19

“No issues. The treatment plan was discussed and the therapy began. When the initial treatment plan needed to be adjusted you told me why and thought of other therapies/exercises that would benefit me more to get me to the level of functioning we had as a goal. I really like the one to one PT. I made more progress because the therapy was specific to my needs and how I responded to different therapies. I liked that you stayed with me during my sets to observe me and my body language. You were really in tune to my needs and progress.” – Gwen 6/17/19

“Love Cassie, very knowledgeable and compassionate, makes the patient a part of their treatment plan.” – Christy 6/7/19

“Cassie was very thorough and knowledgeable about treatment options. She is very pleasant and easy to talk to.” – Anonymous

“Was always given clear and concise answers and explanations to all my questions. Very punctual with time of visits. The reminder calls were very helpful to me.” – Saundra 6/3/19

“It’s been a pleasure working with you. I love the private one-on-one sessions.” – Stacey 4/24/19

“Fantastic – easy to work with – improved my mobility.” – Kimberly 4/21/19

“Very professional and caring! Knowledgeable and customized plan for my recovery. If I need physical therapy again, I will be back.” – Pam 4/1/19

“I am very pleased with the results of my therapy. I appreciate the one on one care I received. I highly recommend Dawson Physical Therapy to anyone needing professional physical therapy.” – Donna 3/17/19

“Great place and listens to the clients. Thank you very much.” – Brad 3/12/19

“Cassie is so precious. It was great to feel comfortable and to have normal convos.” – Kinsey 3/9/19

“Always has patient’s goals in mind.” – Jimmy 3/9/19

“Cassie you are great! Thanks for listening to my needs and helping me get back to 100%” – Emily 3/9/19

“Dawson’s is a good place for therapy.” – Richard 2/20/19

“Cassie is very good at working with my limitations. She explains things well and never makes me feel guilty. Dry needling has been very helpful with my muscle tension. Cassie gets results!” – Tracy 2/14/19

“I had no issues with Dawson Physical Therapy. She took me in and worked on what I was there for and did an excellent job on me. My entire experience was positive. I could hardly walk on my own due to balance issues. I can now go anywhere alone. She is also a very pleasant person to work with.” – Annette 2/7/19

“Cassie took good care of me during physical therapy. She listened when my body was hurting and did not push me to continue if I was hurting. She cares about her patients and wants to see them return to normal. I credit my improvement to her, and I recommend her to anyone looking.” – Tiffany 1/20/19

“Best dang physical therapist there is!” – Nathan 1/18/19

“Received great results with the therapy and also enjoyed an adjusted attitude about doing it. Cassie actually made it fun (as in NOT to be dreaded) and enjoyable – certainly NOT boring! Had a great time!” – Betsy 8/3/18

“Excellent experience! Thank you for taking such great care of my ankle!!” – Tera 7/30/18

“Very pleased with Cassie, she is a wonderful therapist, and a very sweet girl. If I have to go again it will be her that I would want to see.” – Anna 7/28/18